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Partition Systems

Buildings change and develop to suit the needs of the people that use them; partition systems are often used to suit these needs and facilitate change in a fast, cost efficient and non-disruptive way. A partition wall is a non-load bearing wall that is used to separate spaces in both residential and commercial spaces. Partition systems are prevalent in many residential, commercial and industrial settings and can be used for a huge variety of applications, from complex layout structuring to simple office space division. High performance systems may also provide other uses such as sound insulation or fire resistance.
A partition wall is a non-load bearing wall that can be positioned anywhere in a room in order to change the layout, design or appearance. They allow enhanced use of the space and can increase privacy and versatility within a large open space. Easy to adapt and change, many partition systems are movable and can be adapted to suit the changing needs of a building and the people that occupy it. Available in any height or length, a partition wall is made to suit you and your needs, whether that be to create a meeting space in the office or to partition a sports hall for smaller group activities.

Layout and interior design can be controlled and affected positively by the addition of partition systems. A range of different materials are available for use as a partition wall and each can give a unique feel and design to a space. Even though it is a more expensive choice, many people use wood as their choice of partition material as it can provide a huge range of design possibilities – from fresh, clean and modern to historical or vintage. Glass partition systems are steadily growing in popularity as more and more people want to maintain the open-plan feel of a space without sacrificing privacy. With a choice between metal, wood or glass in a huge variety of colours, finishes and coatings, partition systems do not only easily change the layout and space of a room but can add to the overall finish and design of a whole set of connecting rooms.

Lightweight and easily constructed, a partition system will allow you to make the most of your space. Whether you would like to increase privacy in your office space or create a new play room or living area in your home, a partition system is an easy and cost-efficient method of achieving these changes. With a thin cross section, partition walls only take up a small area of the room but can make a big difference to the way that the space is used.

CPS can help you to select the best system to meet the requirements of your building. We can spec and build walls to suit:

  • Humid or wet rooms
  • Sound reduction and sound proofing
  • Fire protection including fire rated walls
  • Impact resistant walls suitable for loading or stock areas
  • Insulating walls to absorb heat and manage temperatures
  • Specialist security walls including vapour resistant and X-Ray safe walls

All of the drywall and partition systems that we use can be quickly assembled and installed. A range of installation systems including support grids and Tape and Joint or Plastering can be employed depending on where the partitions need to be built and how they will be used. Please call us to discuss the best solutions for your building or project.

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Office Partitioning

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Office Partitioning

CPS are experts at providing office partitioning in Manchester and the surrounding areas. There are a large amount of businesses in Manchester, many of which benefit from attractive and functional office partitioning. We have years worth of design experience and can help you and your business to decide how the office space should best be utilised. CPS have worked on brand new offices as well as the redesign or repurpose of existing office spaces.

Why Use Office Partitioning?

Your workplace should reflect the attitude and personality of your business. Through partitioning you can shape your office into a space that is versatile and functional. The design and layout of a workplace can be a huge motivator for employees and using different types of office partitioning can help you to achieve the desired effect.

Office partitions or room dividers are perfect for dividing work areas and providing flexible solutions to space problems. You can create small work stations or larger group work areas – whatever you need to fulfil your workplace needs, CPS can help bring them to life.

Office partitioning can give the appearance of height and increased space within a room and you can choose from a huge number of different styles and colours that will complement your existing decor. A demountable or movable partition system is very popular in a number of offices, as it can be moved and repurposed as the business changes and grows.

Fire resistant and Acoustic Office Partitioning

Office partitioning not only acts as a divider of space but can also be used as an effective noise solution as well as a fire safety tool. Acoustic partitioning can be used to block out or contain noise, something that would be particularly helpful for meeting rooms and individual work stations or group work areas. The benefits of fire resistant partitioning really speaks for itself; fire resistant partitioning can be used in offices which have flammable contents such as lots of paperwork or electrical equipment. Fire resistant partitions are designed that they should hold against fire for up to 60 minutes (some even more) and are used in many workplaces to form a fire-safe escape route through the building.

Examples of Functional and Practical Office Partitioning

Desk divider screens – small or large, these are used to create a more private work experience for those that share desk space. Available in a variety of colours and materials, desk divider screens can also add a splash of colour to the office.

Pinnable Office screens – this type of screen allows the customer to use the divider as a large pin board. This type of screen is often used at exhibitions or events as a way to showcase work but can also be used in-office to display notices or group project work.

Movable Partitions – Having a movable partition in your office can be very helpful when you have a space that has multiple uses. You can use movable partitions to create smaller work zones out of a large area. Alternatively you could also use movable partitions when moving between group projects and singular work.

Static Partitions or screens – These can be used when breaking up the workspace into smaller zones. A relaxed and open-plan office is often desirable but not always practical and static partition walls can be used to create private meeting rooms, manager’s offices or individual work stations.

Glazed/glass office partitioning – Not all office partitioning has to completely cut off sections of the office. Glazed/glass partitioning can create private areas without losing the illusion of space or light within the larger area.

CPS are experts at providing office partitioning in Manchester. We serve Manchester itself as well as the surrounding areas and further afield. We can help you to find the perfect solutions for your office space.

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Acoustic Partitions

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Installing Acoustic Partitions

Partitioning is often used to effectively improve the layout and functionality of a room. Acoustic partitions – partition walls that are used to control noise distribution in a space – are very popular in busy spaces such as office or school environments. Movable acoustic walls create a versatility of space that means that any meeting room, office space, school hall or private function space can be divided and organised to provide any desired layout. High quality acoustic panels are necessary to allow the user to control the sound and echo within their space; accurate installation is important in these cases to provide you with efficient, long-term use of your acoustic panelling.

Types of Acoustic Partitions

A large variety of acoustic partitions are available to suit the needs of every person and every space. Each type has its own benefits but all can provide simple sound solutions for your space. Below are just a small number of the types of acoustic partitions that are available for both residential and commercial use.

Multi-fold Operable Wall – These hinged, sliding panels run on a fitted floor track along with an optional top hung system. These are popular for dividing large spaces in residential spaces and large communal spaces such as sports halls or drama theatres but can have a variety of uses for layouts that need to be changed very quickly. In cases such as school use, multi-fold operable walls provide quick and easy room changes for teachers as well as providing suitable sound absorption from the surrounding rooms.

Concertina Folding Systems – This low-cost folding system has popular uses in schools, churches and public halls. Flexible top and bottom seals are fitted to achieve maximum sound reduction around the partition. These systems are used in larger rooms such as public halls to provide a cheap solution to space arrangement while also providing sufficient noise reduction so that different events can take place at the same time without much noise crossover.

Glazed Partition Systems- Glazed systems provide an attractive solution to noise control without sacrificing open-plan designs. Increasingly popular in modern office spaces, glazed partitions are a stylish and modern idea that are ideal for restaurants, banks, leisure centres and work spaces. The glass element of the partitions provide suitable noise control without visually sectioning off areas, as well as granting easy access to areas via sliding or folding partitions.

Why choose an Acoustic Partition?

Partitioning in general is an effective way to efficiently divide space or improve the functionality and design of a room. Acoustic partitions provide this service with the added benefit that they also control sound distribution within that space. Partitions are very practical and cost efficient and come in a variety of styles and designs that will enhance the image of any space. Modern acoustic partitions can be installed very quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss and cost.

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Fire Resistant Partitioning

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Fire Resistant Partitions

As partition walls are becoming increasingly fashionable in commercial buildings such as schools, offices and public halls, the use of fire resistant partitions is also growing in popularity. Fire resistant partitions have obvious safety benefits and can be used for a range of applications including storage rooms and warehouses where the chance of flammable material catching fire is a serious risk.

Fire resistant partitions are normally constructed of layered plasterboard that provides an air-tight wall which does not allow combustible gasses to pass through and feed the fire beyond. These walls provide vertical fire separation within large spaces and typically have a fire resistance performance that has been determined according to the appropriate European fire test standards. A fire resistant partition wall is desirable as it is also designed to contain the fire within its compartment or area, preventing the fire from spreading around the larger space. The fire resistant material is intended to not collapse for a determined amount of time, therefore creating a solid structure within which the fire is contained. Depending on the structure of the building and the layout of the walls, the fire-resistant partitions could be used to either enclose the fire within a set space or to prevent the passage of the fire from spreading to other areas of the building.

Fire Resistant Glazing

There has been a large surge in popularity for glazed partition walls within many public spaces and commercial buildings over the last decade. This increased usage, together with tightened building code requirements have led to the design and development of new types of fire resistant windows and glass partitions. Specially toughened glass, along with laminated glass, are transforming the way in which fire resistant glass is used within public and commercial buildings.

These new types of fire-resistant glass are now being used in many glazed partition walls as a stylish and aesthetically pleasing approach to fire safety. These types of installations are now being used in spaces such as hospitals, office buildings, shopping centres and schools, where the safety of large groups of people is paramount. The advantages of fire resistant glazing include the restriction of the spread of smoke and gasses as well as flames.

Fire Resistant Partitioning is Useful for:

  • Preventing the spread of flames.
  • Reducing the spread of hot gasses and smoke.
  • Containing fire within a set space.
  • Changing the layout of a space quickly and easily.
  • Providing a non-collapsible structure to stop the passage of fire.
  • Contributing to a safe environment in public spaces.

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