Armstrong Ceiling Systems

CPS are proud to supply Armstrong Ceiling systems. Amstrong have been providing ceilings and building interiors for 150 years. Their ceiling systems come with a 30 year warranty and are produced as part of an end to end process which has been developed to use recycled materials wherever possible and to send the absolute minimum amount of waste to landfill. They also provide a recycling system for acoustic ceiling tiles which are being removed from buildings as part of renovation or demolition.

In addition to being produced, and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, choosing an Armstrong ceiling systems can help make your building more efficient. The light reflecting properties of their ceiling systems can reduce total energy usage within a standard office by as much as 11%. Their COOLZONE ceilings also act as efficient energy stores, soaking up heat during the day and slowly releasing it overnight, reducing the amount of power needed for heating and cooling buildings.

As well as traditional mineral ceiling systems, Armstong provide wood, metal and fabric canopies and a range of baffles. Their ceiling tiles are available in a massive range of finishes to suit almost any interior scheme. To cater for buildings where a traditional tile ceiling would not fit with the architectural style Armstrong provide a range of discontinuous systems which allow panels and canopies to be placed in specific areas of a room. These panels and canopies can be used to hide utilities, improve acoustics and lighting or simply create variety. Armstrong also provide acoustic baffle systems which can be used to reduce noise in large spaces and make it easier to hold conversations.

Armstrong also provide a range of specialist ceiling tiles and ceiling finishes including anti-microbial ceilings suitable for use in healthcare environments, kitchens and clean rooms.

CPS provide Armstrong ceiling systems to our clients in Manchester, the North West and Nationwide. Along with their standard range of ceilings we can provide Armstrong’s custom ceiling solutions.