British Gypsium Partition Systems

One of the main brands of internal partitions and plasterboard that CPS supply is British Gypsum. They are one of the largest manufactures of plasterboard in the world and have five manufacturing sites in the UK. Like Ecophon, whose acoustic ceilings we supply, British Gypsum are part of the global Saint-Gobain group.

As well as producing large quantities of plasterboard and partitioning materials British Gypsum are at the forefront of research and development in the industry. Two of their most recent innovations have been magnetic plaster, which allows you to hang pictures on notes on your walls without the use of nails, and their Activair technology which actively strips common chemicals out of the indoor environment.

As well as manufacturing plaster and plasterboard British Gypsum also produce the Gypframe building system. This allows partition walls and internal walls to be built quickly on a lightweight metal framework. We often use this type of system to rapidly partition large office spaces. Although the steel wall systems are lighter than traditional wood or blockwork internal wall systems they are also less susceptible to damage from heat and water. This means that partition and internal walls can be erected using steel systems in almost any conditions.

British Gypsum provide 34 different types of plasterboard suitable for a range of uses. In addition to their Activeair boards they provide fire resistant, moisture resistant, insulating and acoustic plasterboard. This allows us to build partition walls for a wide variety of industries and environments while maximising the efficiency and safety of your building.