Ecophon Ceiling Systems

Where our customers require an acoustic ceiling system CPS often turn to Ecophon. Ecophon are part of the global Saint-Gobain Group.

In large modern buildings controlling noise can be a big problem. As sound echoes around large open office spaces it can make it difficult for conversations to be held at a sensible (and discreet level). Ecophon’s study of workplace environments have shown that good acoustics can:

  • Improve employee motivation by up to 60%
  • Improve employee performance by up to 50%
  • Improve mental arithmetic performance by 20%

While good acoustics can improve an office environment that are essential to the core functionality of environments such as classrooms, lecture theatres and cinemas. We can use Ecophon’s sophisticated acoustic ceiling solutions to ensure that the acoustics in your building perform to the highest possible standard. Ideally this will be done at the design stages so that we can identify the best fit solution early on but we can also work on existing buildings to improve their acoustic performance. This doesn’t have to mean a whole new ceiling being fitted. Equally good performance can be gained using Ecophon’s range of acoustic panels and baffles to direct, absorb and reflect sound in specific areas.

Ecophon also provide a wide range of specialist acoustic ceiling tiles for use in the healthcare, food, pharmaceutical and electronics industries. These ceiling tiles are designed to be cleaned on a regular basis and to minimise germs and dust while maintaining their acoustic performance.