Knauf Partition Systems

Knauf was founded in 1932 by the brothers Karl and Dr. Alfons N. Knauf and is still a family run business. The Knauf group opened their first UK factory in 1988. They produce a wide range of products including internal partitioning systems, external cladding, ceiling and flooring products.

They have a number of internal partitioning systems which are optimised towards quick and speedy construction. Because of this speed, and the versatility of the solutions they provide, Knauf are the go to choice for many office fit-out projects. Using their systems allows large office and commercial spaces to be divided quickly and efficiently, saving time on labour and allowing the new space to be utilised earlier.

As well as providing partition systems which are quick to put up Knauf also provide a range of more technically specialist partitioning systems. Their internal plasterboard and partition range includes boards designed for greater fire, moisture, sound and impact results. This gives us a lot of options when selecting the correct partitioning system for your building. As well as offering speedy and varied systems for new build fit-outs Knauf also have an extensive range of wall lining for use on renovation and re-fitting projects. These can be used not only to provide a smooth wall finish but also to improve insulation, acoustics and fire resistance. Using the Knauf wall lining system is a fast and effective way to comply with Building Regulations.

Knauf also have a series of encasements products which can be used to offer additional fire protection to structural columns and beams. In most cases the Knauf encasement products can offer up to 2 hours fire protection to steel structures.

As you would expect from a family run German business quality is at the core of everything Knauf do.