Rockwool Firestop Systems

At CPS we primarily use Rockwool products as part of passive fire protection installation projects. Rockwool have their headquarters in Denmark, and are listed on the Copenhagen stock exchange, but have factories and offices around the world. Their main UK manufacturing plant is in Bridgend in Wales. Rockwool are best known for their insulation materials. As the name suggests many of their products are made from rock wool, which is literally wool spun from heated volcanic rocks. As the ‘wool’ is created it can be formed into a variety of shapes and is engineered to have properties including heat and sound insulation.

As Rockwool’s insulation materials are literally made out of rock they are not naturally flammable and can withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C. Most of their products will offer up to 4 hours of fire protection.

As ever with passive fire protection what matters most is ensuring that a building can be effectively compartmentalised so that fire cannot spread. Having effective fire compartments allows time for people to escape and helps to limit damage to the building’s structure. To aid in compartmentalisation Rockwool offer a range of firestop products such as intumescent sealants and fire ducting. These products allow necessary gaps in compartments for utilities and cabling to be to be effectively protected so that the integrity of the compartment is not compromised. Likewise, Rockwool offer specialist passive fire protection systems for vulnerable structural elements such as steel beams.

One of the reasons we use Rockwool’s passive fire protection products is because their range is so complete. This allows us to put together a passive fire protection plan using materials from the same manufacturer which have been designed to work together and have been tested to the same standards. Combined with proper installation that we offer as FIRAS certified passive fire protection installers, this gives our clients greater confidence that their passive fire protection systems will function correctly should the worst happen.