Siniat Partition Systems

Siniat, formerly known as Lafarge, are one of the largest manufacturers of plasterboard in Europe and are based out of Avingnon in France. They have been working in the UK since 1987. They have recently undergone a re-brand with a logo “inspired by the shape and dynamics of gypsum crystals” and a new slogan of “shaping the way people build”.

CPS use the Siniat products because they produce some of the best products on the market. Their water resistant Aquaboard range is excellent for use in damp prone environments and was the UK’s first gypsum board that could be used in external façade systems.

Siniat’s GTEC partition wall system comes with a huge range of different plasterboard options. Boards for partition walls can be selected according to their acoustic rating and according to their fire resistant properties using either BS EN 1365 or BS476. If you are converting an older building then Siniat’s thermal plasterboards are an excellent way of improving the building’s insulation and reducing your energy bills.

As well as their products promoting energy efficiency Siniat have invested a lot of time and money into reducing the overall environmental impact of their products. This includes everything from using more energy efficient delivery lorries and recycled packaging materials through to the production methods and materials used in their factories.